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Little everyday gestures to protect the environment

The Botania Relais & Spa is a tourist complex focused on high-end hospitality, created from the owners’ love for the Island of Ischia. The Hotel is committed to protecting the environment and contributing to the sustainable development of the area through the use of the best available technologies, locally-grown ingredients from local producers and saving of water and energy resources.

The owners’ commitment is to safeguard the abundance and beauty of what nature offers, with the aim of passing on their values and traditions to present and future generations. Botania Relais & Spa is sustainable because it provides its guests and employees an unconventional and authentic experience.

Anyone who comes into direct or indirect contact with the Botania Relais & Spa must be happy and their Soul must be satisfied. The success of Botania Relais & Spa is not linked to profit alone, but also to the spreading of Well-being among guests and in the community.

Precisely for this reason, the owners have decided to rely on Green Globe, the main global partner for sustainability certification for the travel and tourism industry. Green Globe periodically verifies the economic, social and environmental sustainability system at the Botania Relais & Spa.