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The wine Cellars

The beauty of Ischia comes from the extraordinarily varied territory formed by a group of volcanoes that shaped the land in distant times.

The island’s past is uncertain and dates back to Magna Graecia; in fact, 700 years before the coming of Christ, the Euboeans took possession of the island, bringing with them all the history and customs of Greek civilization. They were the ones who started cultivating vines that, thanks to the very fertile soil-although uneven on the island-grew, giving excellent results. Still today, most of the cultivations, all overlooking the coast, can be reached on foot via ancient paths. This makes taking care of the vines even more difficult, contributing to making these grapes unique, as they are harvested, crushed and pressed by hand.

From the island's native vines: Biancolella, Forastera, Guarnaccia and Piedirosso are all DOC wines since 1966. The Ischia wineries bottle fine wines that brighten tables all over the world.