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Relaxation and wellbeing

Rediscover your body’s energies and restore inner peace at the Garden SPA, the ideal place for taking care of your mental and physical well-being. The Spa welcomes guests with a dip in the 32° C pool, followed by a dive into the larger 35° C pool, full of targeting hydromassage jets and, to conclude, a steam bath in the natural grotto and a sensory shower.

The totally blissed-out sensation can be achieved thanks to the precious tools offered by nature to take care of our well-being, tools that man has come to know and use for therapeutic purposes. This is how Medicinal Plants emerged and we find their active ingredients in the Essential Oils.


Garden Spa is committed to providing massage techniques that are both pleasant and functional, all while ensuring the highest possible effectiveness and results.

Our certified masseurs know the precise biomechanical, anatomical and physiological processes of the body and are aware that everyone is different, with different needs and requirements, and deserve a completely personalized approach.