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Sorgeto Bay

Sorgeto is an inlet and the site of a true open air spa park. Hot and mineral springs, sauna and therapeutic vapours... this is what Mother Nature decided to give the island of Ischia in ancient times and today, all this is available free of charge for anyone seeking a place to unwind from daily stress and fatigue.

It can be reached both by sea and on foot via a steep flight of steps from Borgo Panza and it provides great relief to those who abandon themselves to its hot and cold, 35/37°C depending on the tides, and fresh and salty combination, before one of the most amazing sunsets imaginable. Be careful though, its rocks and stones are sometimes scalding hot!

The most fascinating activity to experience in Sorgeto is, however, swimming at night, in the warm waters, looking at the stars. You can relax and spend unforgettable moments even in low season, enjoying the island’s mild winter temperatures thanks to which you can get a suntan and swim even in what are normally the coldest periods!