Harmony and well-being

Rediscover the energies of the body and restore inner peace. Our SPA is the ideal place to take care of your psycho-physical well-being, through the treatments, the essential oils and the magical effects of our waters combined with the steam baths in the evocative natural cave.


Our team will welcome you and can provide advice on the most suitable treatments for your needs. For the water pathway, we recommend a dip in the pool at 32° C for 20 minutes, before continuing to the 35° pool with 5 types of hydromassage for another 25 minutes. Next comes a session in the Turkish bath for another 15 minutes, immediately followed by a relaxing massage and—to complete the journey—a beneficial and rebalancing herbal tea.



Diabasi®: for 20 years it is still the largest Professional Massage School. Our mission is to train masseurs able to improve the quality of life of their customers.



It is a method of investigation and verification that Diabasi® has tested on over 40 massage techniques offered to its students and falling within the classical, sports and holistic disciplines. The Diabasi® Method was born with the intention of proposing always more functional and pleasant massage techniques. The Diabasi® certified masseurs have learned during our courses not only the precise duty to know the biomechanical, anatomical and physiological processes of the body, but they have also acquired the awareness that the people they meet and massage, are different from one another, with different needs and requirements. Every work technique applied to the body must respond to precise standards of practice and effect, tested by the Diabasi® Method and by its team of professionists,  to obtain the maximum effectiveness and result possible.


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