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Botania Relais & Spa will
reopen on 28th may 2021

The activities of the Polito family follow the extraordinary rules of nature with pride and respect, choosing an approach that preserves the natural balance of the beloved island of Ischia. The architectural forms of the villas that make up the Botania Relais & Spa blend harmoniously into the gentle slopes of the park; everything is designed to follow the rhythms of nature. The organic vegetable garden and the eco-sustainable choices complete this philosophy that makes Botania Relais & Spa a modern and responsible company, where the energy used is 100% from renewable sources.


Small daily gestures and farsighted choices for the respect of the environment and the territory we love so much


ONLY 100% GREEN ENERGY from renewable sources, for all uses within the Relais. This method of supply reduces CO2 emissions into the air by about 300 tons per year.


STRUCTURES DESIGNED AND CONSTRUCTED IN HARMONY WITH NATURE, the Resort consists of low buildings with a low visual impact, in order to blend in with the surrounding landscape.


CONSERVATION OF BIODIVERSITY in the green areas through the preservation of indigenous plants and local essences, both because they require less water and because they are fragrant and fit better into the natural context of the place


COURTESY LINE AND SPA PRODUCTS eco-bio and paraben-free, made with dermo-compatible ingredients, suitable for sensitive skins, without chemical contents harmful to humans and the environment


USE OF ELECTRIC MACHINES to move guests around the facility


BIODEGRADABLE CANVAS in use in the Relais restaurants and bars, a choice that contributes to the fight against microplastics, especially in the oceans


ONLY GENUINE INGREDIENTS FROM THE TERRITORY for a cuisine based on a choice of healthy ingredients, of regional origin and in full respect of the seasonality: fresh meat from farms in Irpinia, catch of the day, vegetables, fruit and vegetables of local origin


ORGANIC KITCHEN GARDEN inside the Relais that supplies the kitchen with most of the vegetables used


USE OF RECYCLED PAPER AND PEN PAPER with low environmental impact


PLASTIC FREE POLICIES with consequent use of only glass in the Relais restaurants and bars. Only glass bottles in minibars


USE OF LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION LAMPS to further reduce environmental impact


COMMUNICATION, INVITING GUESTS to help reduce water and energy waste



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