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The wine routes

Cool and sweet-smelling wine cellars and gentle vineyards, symbol and legacy of Ischia

Ischia has always been renowned for its local vineyards that bring forth the production of wines famous all over the world.

Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit the most ancient wine cellars on the island, get to know their history and taste the wines accompanied by typical products; a real dive into the history of local winemaking.

Monte Epomeo

From the burning hot sand to the island’s extinct volcanoes, along the fragrant paths of Mediterranean scrub. Thanks to the valuable help provided by expert volcanologists and specialised guides, we can organise special tours for guests who love nature and volcanic locations. The climb to Mount Epomeo and ...

La Mortella

A gift of love from Lady Walton to her husband, the famous English composer William Walton. One of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, a harmonious combination of paths, fountains, rare plants and Mediterranean scrub. A place where you can fill your lungs with a love for nature and great ...

Ischia vintage tour

Take pleasure in the exclusive charm of the island’s 1960s jet set in an unforgettable experience. On board the most famous three wheels in Italy, along with a local guide, you will discover settings, landscapes, villages and alleyways. It includes: Polaroid camera and insta-pics; local guide; Ape vintage ...

Ischia archaeo-bio snorkeling

“A dive into the stretch of sea that contains history and animal and plant species typical of the Mediterranean Sea. The Marine Protected Area is an underwater encyclopaedia and a unique experience”. For lovers of the sea, diving, swimming and archaeology, particularly underwater archaeology; but also for lovers ...

The wine Cellars

The beauty of Ischia comes from the extraordinarily varied territory formed by a group of volcanoes that shaped the land in distant times.The island’s past is uncertain and dates back to Magna Graecia; in fact, 700 years before the coming of Christ, the Euboeans took possession of the ...

At Sea

Experience Ischia in a unique and fascinating way with our private boat tour, allowing you to discover the most beautiful caves and bays, only accessible by sea. Marvel at incredible views and dive into crystal-clear waters, far away from the crowds, for an unforgettable and truly relaxing experience. Additionally, you ...